Don’t worry, not ‘If you don’t tidy your room right now you won’t be going to that party on Saturday’ type consequences, but the silly parlour game of the same name. It’s still a little bit cold and dark out there for us to want to be outside all the time, so in the meantime we’re also thinking about fun (and different) things to do inside.

As long as you’ve got a few willing participants, Consequences can be good for raising a few giggles. It goes something like this:

Each player needs a piece of paper and a pen. Everyone writes a male character (someone you know, a celebrity or a fictional character) at the top of their piece of paper, folds the top over so what they’ve written isn’t visible and passes their paper to the player to their left.

Each player now writes a female character on their new piece of paper, folds it over again and passes it on.

Continue repeating this for: a place, an activity, something he said, something she said and what the ‘consequence’ was.

After the consequence, pass on the paper one more time and then everyone takes turns to read theirs out. So you could end up with something like:

Harry Potter

met Marie Curie

at Centre Court, Wimbledon

playing the didgeridoo.

He said “What time is it?”

She replied “Dragons are my favourite.”

And the consequence was they went on the slippery slide.

Don’t forget to tell us your funniest in the comments!

(And Chris and Will assure me this year’s slippery slide will be bigger and better than ever, so at least Harry, Madame Curie and their didgeridoos have got something to look forward to!)

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