Winter Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

This post forms part of our Scavenger Hunt series – a ready-to-print-and-take-away list for you to organise your very own Scavenger Hunt, perfect for keeping children (and adults!) entertained and engaged in the great outdoors.

The premise is straightforward – simply print the list (or scribble it on a bit of paper) and get hunting! Prizes optional. Don’t forget to let us know what interesting objects you come up with to meet some of the categories.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Can you find…?

  1. Something that has never been alive
  2. Something beautiful
  3. Something with more than one colour
  4. Something man-made
  5. Something you could grow
  6. Something soft
  7. Something spiky
  8. A pine cone
  9. Something cold
  10. Something warm

Happy hunting!

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